ICO Cryptocurrency FAQ

Website FAQ
Why did you make this website?
How do we use the ICO detail pages?
How do you compute for the token price displayed per tier?
Why aren't some tiers shown?
Why are your tiers different from that shown on the website of the ICO?
Why don't you list when tokens are listed on exchanges anymore?
How do you compute for tokens in circulation?
I saw some wrong information on your ICO detail pages, where can I contact you about it?
I saw some bugs on your website, where can I inform you about bugs?
I want to get in touch with your for marketing, listing, advertisement or other business purposes, who do I contact?
ICO Questions
What is an ICO?
What are the benefits of investing in an ICO?
What are the drawbacks of investing in an ICO?
When do I receive my tokens?
When can I transfer tokens I received in my ICO?
The tokens don't show up on my wallet.
Why shouldn't I send my payment from an exchange wallet?

Website FAQ

ICO Questions