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Service Industry
A simple solution for the entire service industry. Imagine that you are traveling and went to a restaurant. You do not know the language. You do not have a local currency. With a high probability, what you ordered is not what you will get. We present you a revolutionary solution in the service sector - EMU. Simply open the EMU application, and it will automatically load the service menu in your native language. Your EMU account already has your bank cards, a crypto-currency wallet and other payment systems. Do you want to pay with crypto currency? You are welcome! You no longer need to wait for staff and face the human factor. All you need to do is in the EMU application. Just a few clicks and you will get the desired order. Also using EMU, you can choose the nearest restaurant, make an order for the time, place and number of guests. Leave feedback, share your impressions, choose service according to reviews, photos and comments in the EMU application.


Whitelist - Link

Participants should register through the official website by clicking on the "Register for ICO" button. They should then fill up the form with their email, name and amount of ETH you want to contribute to participate in token sale


Softcap - ETH

Hardcap - ETH


Marketcap - ETH


Token Supply - EMU

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Tokens sold to the public
Tokens in circulation after ICO